Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Ho Ho Ho

Things are just about over. Here are 2 pictures of ornaments on the Prissy tree. Scott loves the birdcage and bird and I love the older striped one.

We had to change last night's dinner plan due to unexpected company and had the oyster/mushroom stew for lunch today and it was just perfect and so very filling.

This morning we had pancakes and then went to the barn to feed and I got to play with the babies. One totally adorable one soaked my shirt, not just wet it, but that tiny thing soaked me. Then we came in and opened our presents to each other. I got the last 2 Harry Potter movies I was missing and some fantastic cookies, my favorite Springerles. There was a lot more, things like balls for the bunns and cutting boards they can rest on. All good things. Scott got clothes for work, his favorite cookies (white chocolate macadamias nut), colognes galore and I think he really liked the little photo album I put together for his confirmation. Scott took a nap and I made lunch. Much later was a fast and so easy dinner and then I fell asleep. There are more people to see for Christmas 2009 but I consider it another successful Yule. And I hope yours was too.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

The day before Christmas

Twas the day before Christmas and all thru the house not a creature was stiring except for ME! I have a full day ahead of me. Below is a batch of soap I need to wrap, actually there are 36 more bars on the other side of the kitchen. Then I need to make Scott's favorite holiday dish, MY special cranberry sauce. Have to wrap presents today and later make tonights dinner - oyster/mushroom soup with a loaf of a thick crusted bread, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie. Lucky Scott, he gets to work.

Here is our last tree, the prissy one. It is covered with glass ornaments with gold, silver, and my fancier vintage ornaments. It truly is a lovely tree and my favorite each year. May you all have a Wonderful Christmas

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

2 more days

ALRIGHT! Only 2 days left and they are going by so fast. Here is a small collection of mine that I really enjoy. Well, DUH! Of Course there is a story behind my Gurley candles.

Grandma had some Gurley candles and I loved playing with them. When they down sized they disappeared, ALL except for 3 choir singers and I started replacing them maybe 10 years ago. She had some of the larger deer and the skating snowmen in a larger size and so far that is the only one I haven't been able to find.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

3 more days

Wow, just 3 more days until Christmas morning. I am really looking forward to it. I hope your's is wonderful and full of great moments.

First this morning is our mantel. I really enjoy it as it gives me somewhere to hang sockings from. From the left is; Scott's with Buddy on it. Buddy was an orange Netherland Dwarf rabbit we used to have. He was the friendliest bunn ever. Then is mine with a white hen on it, no one I ever met. Peacer Kittie's you can't see - it's a massive purple velvet with white fur cuff and best be full. She loves the scent of moth balls. No joke, we had them in with all the ornaments, etc and she went wild with some that became her toys. Sadly the scent is gone and she doesn't like them anymore. Scott's and mine were made by Wonderful Fabric Artist in Canada (Hi Marilyn!)

Here is a closer view of mine, it shows how much work it took. LOVE IT

Ok, you knew there would be a story somewhere, didn't you? Here is is. WE made the topiaries ourselves and Scott swears he is not crafty at all. He fibs.

Here is the other side of the mantel.

This is Scott's tree and it is totally a Yule tree. Very natural ornaments with little birds and bird houses, fruit, and the like including an outhouse he stole from me. It really is a very nice tree. It started as all fruit and vegetables after I showed him a picture of a tree of Jeff Smith's with all fruit and vegetables and he was impressed. After a couple years he started adding the birds and things to go with it. I think he does an excellent job with it each year.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Solistis Dinner

No pictures from dinner, just a report on too much good food. We worked from the Italian 7 Fish dinner. Before dinner we put out a tray of crackers with smoked oysters, sardines, smoked fish spread, and a super spread of Crab, artichoke and spinach. A wonderful platter of boiled shrimp and cocktail sauce was presented also.

There was an excellent crusty bread, a simple salad of mixed greens with a very simple dressing (this might have been my favorite), Clam sauce with pasta, steamed mussels (wow), a great mix of seafood, tomato, and spinach in a very light cream sauce with pasta and a very good mussel, crab, and clam tomato "stew" that was Scott's favorite, and baked cod. There was just so much food and it was all great as was the company.

Later was coffee with apple pie and a wonderful vanilla ice cream. A nice lighter ending for such a great meal.

I am still stuffed.

Happy Solistis

It's truly the season now, but does it have to be this cold? I am shivering

This is the guest bathroom and it is really toned down this year. Last year it was heavy in purple and blue ornaments with a fiber optic tree and since you asked, yes there is a story about it and SURE! I will gladly share it with you. Scott's mother, Marlene, used to live with us and finally she needed nursing home care. Her first Christmas there we got her an almost cute fiber optic tree of many colors and changing all the time. She kept it plugged in all the time and seemed to really enjoy it. When she passed we kept it and had it in the guest bath and it really worked. Last year it bit the dust. We weren't going to replace it until we saw this silver thing. Scott LOVED IT! And I had some small ornaments left from my Martha Stewart feather tree. I actually approve of it. The Santa was a gift, not the kind I would have picked, but I really like him.

Aww, the Rudolph ornament, Another story but a nice one. One of the few times Marlene and I got to talk with out her letting me know I was nothing to her we talked childhood ornament stories and she really remembered this one. I, ME, bought it on EBAY and got it for her. She never admitted it to me, BUT it turned out it really meant something to her (see? I am not really all that terrible).When she went to the Home we brought her deer with her. It now hangs on out Prissy tree and I love it.

Side notes - in the top picture is the bottom part of a goose painting my mother did and a gold mirror from the Smallest Little Whore House in Texas (REALLY!) and where I was conceived. No, mom didn't work there, my parents were married - to each other - and just a dumb little story I always told because it upset mom. It was a rental house that they had when based in Texas and the former renters left it. He was pimpin' the Mrs and after they moved there were many knocks on the door all night looking for the former renters. See? Totally innocent, like me.

That's it for today, maybe something after dinner.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Just the little things

Today it is just some of the smaller parts of the season. First is a wicker sleigh filled with little gifts and delivered by a clown, fairy, elf and an angel That my grandmother gave me for Yule when I was 5 or 6. This year I added a snowman and a Santa to make deliveries easier on them.

I have 12 Nativity scenes, but this is the the one I hand chalked and I think it turned out fantastic, the colors are softer and so crisp. Other ones i have include both sets of grandparents and the one I was given when I was 12 and asked for one for Christmas.

Here is my very small tree collection. On the R is a cloth one made for me by a very creative friend. On the left is one I chalked of all child angels with musical instruments

Last year for Yule (or the year before) I received this tray, hand stained and very nicely lined and candle holders made by her husband. Neat, aren't they? I added the filler and isn't it simple, country rustic and attractive?

Yepp, there is a story to this Santa too. Tired of them yet? Several years ago (10 or more) Scott and i went to Michael's and he saw and fell in love with this Santa, so did I, but he passed on it because they wanted $80 for it. I went back the next day because I had a 25% off coupon and found out it was marked down 50% already AND I got him for less than $20. Outstanding! Scott isn't tired of him yet.

Here's a picture you might never see again - ME! I don't mind this one at all so, Here I am World! Hmm I look light haired and that I am not, no hair loss at all.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Let's try to finish the first room

This is a garland, lights and a few ornaments. The shelf holds old books, even older bottles.

Here is something I hold special and dear. It is a paper cutting of Santa and his reindeer. HAND CUT! I also, have the complete Nut Cracker hand cut also. Special person.

The Santa is handmade by an arist in Minnisota. It has the most pleasant face. The sliegh is my age and I am not sure if it was painted by Aunt from Norway or one of my grandmothers. And the quilt is by a wonderful friend in Canada who is an arist in fabric.

how do I delete a double picture?

an example of what is on the tree

When I was young I was an alter boy, yes me! We were called Chuch Mice. One of the church ladies made these for all of us. Love this one and ho;ds a valued place in my heart

And the tour begins

First on the tour is our "media room." It used to be our dining room but does better this way. This tree is 80% hand made ornaments and some vintage

This is the tree topper, every tree needs one , but doesn't have to be a star or an angel. Mine is 2 pointsettas made from milk weed pods. Very nice, yes? If we had milk weed I would have garlands full of these.

There are more pictures from this room but the puter keeps freezing on me, more later.

The Happiest time of the Year

Here is our porch door. Each year a friend makes something for it and I think this year might be my favorite. It is simple and rustic with a touch of color. The bell is to our left of the door, so please ring it and come on in, I'd enjoy the company.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

This is an older picture of the village. I posted it because this year the village will be on the back porch and will look very different.
Did you notice the new look and music? Thanks to Suzie, she fixed the music for me and did the blog Yule as a surprise. SURPRISE! I was trilled. Thanks so much. Been working on the Yule gifts and trying to get Scott started on the tree ornaments for the porch tree - he's just not into it yet, but Christmas Eve is just a little too late. They are simple ones and take seconds each and he will get into it when I start humming Yule songs (or tape my mouth shut).
The playlist are some of my favorite songs of the season.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday, November 13th

True is this picture has nothing to do with this blog. Just seems it looks nicer with a picture.
Yesterday Scott had a colon router reuter done and he passed with the highest honers. EXCELLENT. That issue and my not feeling not so great has kept me from doing very much on Yule, BUT I got a magnifier to help me do some projects and I am counting on it being enough help. I have so many things left to make, most of them are smaller projects and will go fast. Then there is all the soap I still need to make. I have been bad. Not going to worry about the baking for a few weeks.
I am finding that I really miss the winters in the North a lot. I would love to rent a cabin in Gatlenburg with a fireplace and even for 2 days this
would be a wonderful little winter get away. I miss those cold crisp mornings when I would put on a snowmobile suit and tennis shoes and go do the barn chores, feed up and milk the herd. I left a small brandy every extra cold morning by the Franklin stove near the back door and would enjoy that nip of warmth and then it was on to other things. With work and going back to school my days were busy. You could see all the tiny tracks in the new snow and could follow them to their little borrow. I know the ice would be a problem for me now, but just that get away would be so nice.
If I can't be there, then this is the other place. This swamp is home and I am content here. We are getting our Yankee birds stopping in at the pond for a couple days, always a welcome sight. Our Loots are here for the winter and out bi weekly white egret visitor is here. Love the bird visitors. I think they call our Loots Loons in the North, but they are Loots here and totally cute as they smile with our geese and ducks.
There really wasn't much to say today, but wanted people to know Scott came out fine. As I knew he would.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Nope, no idea what I am going to say

I am in such a happy place today. just feel so great. If you are reading this you are hearing some songs that mean something to me starting with Viva la Vita by Coldplay. It is so how I feel about life right now. When I was young I ruled the world, well at least MY world. I had no one I needed to answer to, just myself and honestly I was doing great and I was on top. When you get older it seems at times the world rules you and a stronger sense of it as you get older. But I tell ya, I'm still on top. I just don't think I could be much happier right now. I'm looking back at my life thru songs and damn but I did ok.I was very well known in the horse world in the 70s and in rabbits now. I have some great kids I raised alone. They are strong independent and honest - the way they were raised. I pretty much raised myself and I am stubborn, very stubborn. But could be a lot worse. I am loyal, but have a limit. I have always avoided have loads of friends but prefer a few GOOD friends and I have them. I have someone in my life who some days is so perfect and other days close to being a cement bundle at the bottom of the pond. I do get lonely as I am home a lone too much, but Some days I can see to drive and I should take advantage of those days and GO! Just need to get back before dark. I still have plans and dreams and I can see them happening. Isn't dreaming what it's about? Alice said; 'ever drifting down the stream, what is life but a dream.' Love that saying. The entire verse is on my wall where I pass it several times a day (ok, it's in the bathroom and I am in there A LOT!

Here's a fun time link you MIGHT enjoy YouTube - "Take Me or Leave Me" U of M Musical Theatre#t=149. Hope it shows up on the back ground. The "stars" are all on Broadway now; Jake and Andrew are getting some nice parts and are going no where but up while Courtney is already getting the top parts and has been on tv all over.

Now, we need to talk about Suzie! She set up my blog after nagging me for months on having one. I love the set of it. Told me how to set up Playlist with the songs, tried to tell me how to install it, but ended up doing it her self Cat In The Moon - give it a look.

Today is going to be a quiet day, don't think anyone is coming here so I will get some rest, reminisce, sing a little, dance a little and enjoy a wonderful cool day. Sounds fine to me.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

It's begining to feel a lot like Christmas

Well, that would be a yes and a no statement. It sure doesn't look like Christmas, but when does it in Florida? It's early, right? SO? It's Christmas here for me. Christmas is when the family got along and didn't fight or pout, it was the greatest time of the year and I still feel that way. I celebrate more of a Yule feeling now that I am older and semi sane still.
This is a picture of my favorite ornament, made in China. It was gotten at my wedding dinner, 30+ years ago. It's a not fancy felt egg with little cones for the figures, toothpicks for the arms. Problem is that one of Mary's arms was either done sloppy or as a joke and she is more of a happy Joesph. Ok, I am a bad boy, but it makes me smile each year.
One of my favorite memories are; Christmas eve was spent with mom's family which was exciting! I was spoiled rotten there. I had an uncle I just adored and he was just like the tv father, wise and loving. Christmas day was with Father's family, he didn't want to go but did so anyway. This was the family that I used to have to sit in a chair for hours and be quiet - BUT not at Christmas. At this family the thing I remember most was dinner - they used REAL butter! I would break my slice of Wonder bread in to 4 pieces and butter each piece. Impressive for a 6 year old, huh?
Both families had Nativity sets, I bought my parents one when I was 8 and guess what? I have all three. I also have 6 other sets, including a huge one I hand chalked. Not all go out each year anymore, just not enough room, plus I have a Village too and it takes up way too much space. I wonder how many sets I can get out this year? Any bets?
NOW, candles! Christmas eve grandma had all these candles for Christmas - reindeer, trees, skating snowmen choirs and I so loved them all. Guess who has them now, yet me. I got the ones that survived, and there were some missing. In came EBAY! I started adding missing pieces and discovered that they were Gurleys.
My words were what the heck does that mean? I did a little reading on the history, good reading and I now have a small collection of them, very cool to me. I was left missing the 5 inch reindeer and the 5 inch skating Snowman. Delivered yesterday were the taller reindeer and 2 small skaters. WONDERFUL treat. Only one candle yet to find and i will find it.
I whined for 30 seconds and won - next week the Christmas decorations will start coming in and I can get a easier time getting the ho ho season going. I THINK there are 8 big Tupperware trunks in the barn plus the boxes of trees. As much as I want real trees I can't bring myself to cut one one and will settle for branches and the like. Which is a decor I really like anyway.
So, as things get arranged I will share things with you and hope you enjoy them as much as I will.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Oct 24th was - -

a combo of all things. I was at a rabbit show. The judging seems pretty bad since the judge seemed to hate mine and mine have been doing very well all year. I had a pretty rough morning, people were shoving brownies down my throat, pouring Dr Pepper too and I just wasn't coming around. Yes, I finally did or I wouldn't be here now, would I? It was rough.

I took 8 rabbits to sell and came back with only one and 2 cute, small, orange does I bought so I did come out ok that way and now I have some empties in the barn - at last.

Several people I like and enjoy were there and that always makes it fun. It was a very small show and show A started late(after 8) and was done just after 10. They then held a very LONG lunch time and show B was over at 2. Very short day, loads of visiting time.

Troule is that after a show I am totally pooped for a couple days and today I am dragging, strugle to stay awake, but actually no aches and pains for a change.

Not exciting, but wanted the memory put down.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Who is the birthday boy?

Yes, today is Scott's birthday and he has gotten loads of good wishes and the cat called him daddy instead of father. He wanted a cake and I have it made now - apricot upside down cake. On his next day off I will get him a Madonna for somewhere in the yard to go with Fiacre and Buddha. BUT I am getting the real present, good bunny buddy Amy is redoing my site to a fall theme and I am so happy.


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

warmer again and it is getting closer

Yepp, it's getting warmer again, but not that terrible heat we had before. This is still fine.

Just wannted to show you this pic Scott took a couple days ago. One sleepy baby.

Yule is getting closer and I am still not in a creative mood, festive yes, but not enough to get busy. Most people know I start the next Yule in Dec 26th and I did, just feeling slummy right now if that is even a word. Now yesterday I was going thru all my cookie sites and found a new one -

Christmas cookie recipes from countries around the world and I got a lot of I wanna bake these.

My plan right now is to take a bigger box and fill it with breads, jams, cookies and the like. And as always some soaps and like that. I think that could be a special box. My main problem is things for Scott - I make clothes for him and he raves about them and I never see them again. I am making beads for a rosary for him and x stitching a cross on a cover on a small photo album with pictures from his confirmation (?). I'm doing that with rabbits too for the rabbit people in my life. Then there are just a couple other little things to make and a total of 4 things to buy. AND, the best part of it all - I have everything (for the most part) that is needed for the baking. Might not have enough for the fruit cakes, but all the rest is good. Yes I make fruit cakes, most of them stay in our freezer and we can have one a month (They are the minis). I do consider this part fun as I can get Scott involved in it, making bread he likes.

Well, that is life in the swamp, till next time

Sunday, October 18, 2009

2 days in a row - WOW

Here I am, a 2nd day in a row. This morning was a cold wake up and I loved it! This coming Wednesday is Scott's birthday, but as always they give him a different day off so we are celebrating tomorrow evening, Monday. I THINK we are going to Carraba's as we both enjoy it and a visit to Barnes and Noble after for coffee. Naturally, this has to be in another town as we are lacking many of the good things here. I am guessing the following week we will have friends here for his "special" home made dinner. It will be chicken in a green peppercorn sauce, a wild rice blend, carrots and broccoli (his favorite), mushroom salad, fennel orange salad, a heavy crusted bread and a small NY style cheese cake. Sounds better to me than going out.

This such a lazy do little day, very pleasant, I will miss it when it is over and heat returns on Wednesday. In the mean time, nice day to do nuthing.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Long time since I posted anything

But a lot has happened and there is finally things to say. Scott and I went out to eat middle of last month, right after my birthday as I was ordering he said he needed to go to the hospital. We were in the truck so lucky him got to drive there. Got there and told the nurse he is having chest pains which in a normal town means get the person back there NOW! Not our hospital, 15 mins later I told the nurse that if he falls over dead or gets worse I would be including her in the lawsuit. She got the idea.This was at 7PM and at 2 AM they were getting ready to move him to a regular room, so I went home. Next morning I call and they tell me he's in ICU and the nurse there knows nothing. Ok I did fall a part right there and don't remember much of what happened but I got a ride from friends to the hospital. Still falling a part I got to his room and there he is sitting up EATING! This was the only ropen room they had. Ok, I got it together fast and ate his jello (It was green). He wasw there for the next 4 days and I learned a lot about people during those days.

Learned I have friends; the ones that dropped everything to get me there, and the people who drove a ways to come and help me feed the rabbits and all. Thank you all, for the help.

A week later a friend who has a Yahoo Group on living a more simple life hosted a Gathering for group members at our home. We had a nice turn out of Florida people and it was a fun day. There was a HUGE pot luck lunch - so much wonderful food. And then there were demos on differt things, I did soap making, another did laundry soap, another spinning, and a demo on making No Knead Bread (which we had with the lunch too). Mark, the hostess's hubby did so much to get ready; he mowed and weed wacked, did all the little things and then he man'ed and did a lemon marinate chicken, smoked sausages and eggplant with moz cheese. Mark and Elaine came early and stayed thru and made sure everything was back in order AND he fixed the electric in the bunny barn so we have lights again!

Since then we have torn a part the bunny barn, made new cages and got it back together, put in the fall/winter garden which is very small this time and set up so I can care for it myself.

And I learned what real friends are and that they are beyond value. I learned that I am truly in love and it's like nothing I have ever felt before and is both scary and fantastic. Better than winning the lottery which I want to do too.

So now it's getting close to Yule and I am behind with gift making. Lucky for me there aren't a whole lot to make and they are small. I should be done with extra time

On a weird note, I want to carve a pumpkin this year. I haven't since the kids were young and that was some time ago. Yet this year I want to made an old time one, none of this fancy stuff they are doing now a days. I want a nice happy face. Old age making me young again?

Almost forgot, all the needlepoint kids found new homes and I hope they are enjoying them.

Thanks to; Kathryn & Curtis, Lee, Chris and Brian for getting me thru the last month.

Thanks to Elaine and Mark for saving me with making sure things looked nice at the Gathering.

Thanks to Scott for filling my life with happiness, his love, all his support, putting up with all my BS. I love you just isn't enough, but I do love you.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

I was cleaning out the crafts closet and found some fantastic kits that I will never do. They are older and many are out of print. Here are some pics and a little info on them

The top is a row of shells, no count x stitch, 18x6 finished. was $14 and want $15, includes shipping
Next to it is a light switch plate cover with dream catchers and feathers, includes beads, nice soft colors. $10 includes shipping
Next is a beautiful piece of horses and a rooster. Counted x stitch, 16 x 16. Price was $17.99. Want $18 including shipping
Then it is 2 Disney kits, first is called Family Dinner. I paid $20 each and would like $15 each or both for $25. 2nd is called Self Portrait. Both are 16 x 20
Next is called Native American Still Life, 14 x 18 needlepoint, earthy colors and very nice. $15 opened but never out of the package.
Last is a sharp piece called Indian Finery, 12 x 16, I THINK it's mixed styles. The colors are beautiful. Was $17.99 Want $18 including shipping.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

July and it's hot

It's almost the middle of July and I am so far behind on Yule for this year. A small bit worried, but I am simlifying things even more so I should be alright. I have been doing something but it's the heat that stops me for the most part and I'm sticking with that. Honestly, without central air it is very warm in most of the house. The bedroom is cold, but that's where I sleep, not work.

We had our last bunny litter of the season and it is a nice one. Won't breed anymore until August.It is just too hot for them to even show interest in each other.

Canning, soap, etc has now taken a step back and will start again full steam ahead soon when it cools off just a little and I have another store in the freezer of left over things. My big collection I'm working on is; fish, fried shrimp, scallops and squid. The last 3 I am getting battered and fried, so I am removing the batter and freezing it until I have enough to can up a big batch of Seafood ________. Right now I don't have enough even put together, to make one decent day of canning so I will wait til I have enough for 2 days, maybe 3.

My BFF's oldest son got accepted into the army and leaves in Nov. Now, this liberal tree hugger isn't pro army, but I feel this is wonderful and gives him a change at a future which so many of our youth can't get today.

Ok, heath issues. I have another hole in my ankle, not big, but ankle is swelling so it will be back to get meds again. Back is still/always an issue but DANG, arthritis is starting in R shoulder, elbow, wrist and fingers and it is far from comfortable.

Mood has been pretty good, far more happiness happening than the other and that IS a very GOOD THING. So good that I'm going to take a nap in the cold bedroom. later

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

good bye old friend

Last night, at midnight, I buried an old friend. I deleted Festive Foraging, a group I co founded on July 23, 2001. There have been some very difficult times since keeping it going, lack of people posting and all, but lately it was no one posting, then some attacks and the idea of keeping it going stopped being fun, but almost a terror. Definately time to say good bye. The friend gave me something to get up for in the morning and get a laugh from someone. But I can now go on to new areas of interest. Heck, I could even fire the maid and clean myself! Naw, get real, the maid comes every 2 weeks and stays. So, look out cause I am on to other things!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

2 week ends

Last week end was interesting. I had 2 very nice teen agers and one almost a teen out looking at rabbits. They were fun and interesting. I enjoyed the visit very much as I remember how the adult world treated me as a 9 yr old getting into rabbits and yes it was in the 1900s. I remember the first man I bought from; he seemed so very old, but his kids were just a little older than me BUT he was so nice and helpful. First he sold me a buck and a doe. I showed the buck for many years and won. This was in the days of showing against all ages, no youth shows. He got my picture into the Sunday Milwaukee Journal. Didn't hurt that I was adorable in a nerdy way with my big framed glasses. They got positive feedback on the picture which made me proud. I still have that clipping framed and in the guest room. Back to those adults I bought from - he decided I needed 2 more young does but I was almost out of cash. He thought it over, went in the house to "talk with the wife" came back and asked how much I still had. I had $11 left AND WHAT DO THINK THE PRICE WAS? Wrong - it was $10, so I left with a dollar still in my pocket.

My next purchase was very different. He ignored me and only spoke to my father. He asked father which he wanted me to have. I said none of them. He said - Aww, am I asking more than you have? What a mistake - I said nope, I just don't want to buy from you and walked to the car. Yepp, a 9 year old smart mouth who even then refused to be ignored. He mush have needed the sale cause he chased my father with offers. Father, surprised me by saying that he was the wrong one to be chasing, it was my money. The next day I went right back to the first rabbitry and spent my money there.

Now I try to treat each child the way I was and make it a experience they will fondly remember.
And I feel I'm doing it right.

This coming week endwill be spent working with adults. I know them all and can honestly say I enjoy each of them for the "unusual" person they are. Yepp, wierd attracts wierd. There will be one youth here and she's very cool and I enjoy her. Plus she is weeding flower beds for me - cheaply too.

a Thursday

Here is a link for a short movie created by a 15 year old girl. No matter what our personal feelings are ( and if you know me you know mine as I am not shy and will say how I feel) we need to be proud of these strong people and what they are giving up.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Just for me

I'm guessing that this is really just for me. Something has been bothering me for several years if not most of my life - depression. My highs are very low and my lows, well they can't get much lower. Of late it's been low after low after low and they take hole and don't easily change. It's been a deep feeling that I am all alone in this world and that it's getting more lonely every day. Not good. There are the few nice days that someone calls or visits but for the most part I am alone as Scott works from Noon till 11 for the most part. Yepp, I am one of "those" and Scott and I have been together for over 25 years. If you don't approve I have a fist you can sit on and rotate, I'm old now and don't need approval. Yes, meds have been used ending in a drugged out state or wondering where the gun is hid. So it's try to keep busy and not wonder what I did wrong.

This week I started making clay beads for a rosary gift for Yule. If I do say so they are looking nice. Started with a roll of black, twining a tiny strip of gold all around it and even small amount of white. When rolled and shaped they are looking like marble with tiny veins and I really like how it is looking, enough to take pictures later on. Also been cutting out material for X Stitch projects I want to start, need to start to have done by Yule. Most of them are easier type patterns that bring something to mind for me of the person it is being created for.

Tomorrow will be work in the garden day. Plan to transplant some plants from other beds and put them in the beds around the arbor (one of my favorite spots, right near the pond). Yesterday was another day off and we got all the rabbits wormed, worked on some cages that were in bad shape. Also went to our local Corky Bell's Seafood for lunch. It was a touch over average, but is right on the St Johns River so the view was wonderful and restful and their Ice tea is fantastic, doesn't need sweetening at all, just lemon.

I made supper last night, a form of glop. Browned some sausages cut up with sliced onions, added peas and mushrooms, cream of mushroom soup and thyme and paprika, touch of salt, plenty of pepper and all over homemade egg noodles. It was so good. We got a mini fruitcake out of the freezer for dessert. Tonight is Lean Cruises.

Ok, depressed, time to do a project. Don't Cry For Me Argentina.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Twas a nice day

Yesterday, Saturday, I went and delivered 5 rabbits I sold and pick up 2 I bought - ended up 4 I bought, but they are so nice and the price was right. I met a good number of new people and got to know some better. I met my first fellow Survival freak and we got to talk about things. I met his wife late one night when she and a friend of mine came looking for rabbits. And I do mean late, but it was a nice meeting and she always makes me smile if not laugh. I also met one of their 4 children, teen Jagger and he was very pleasant so it was good. I met a lady doing ribbon work (there is a lot of down time at a show) and she was having a good amount of difficulty getting it to do it's thing for her. I got out Froggy and he popped his magic twanger (see how many people remember him) and I figured it out. I kinda liked it and will remember that for future enjoyment. I left home 3AM and got home at 8PM and I am totally wiped out and my body is ruined. Slept well last night for a long night.

Today is a nothing needs to be done the rest of the day, so put the leg up and find a project, or read, or do nothing. All sound wonderful. Oh, I forgot - someone is coming to look at a rabbit later, much later.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Not much

I'm mainly posting to get some photos in so you can see some things I do and where and how I live


Post number #1. I have fought doing a blog for a long time, but caved when 5 people gang jumped me to do it, so here it is.

Right now I am going thru a good number of health issues and feeling rather alone and extremely depressed. Not a good place to be. This will pass. In the meantime, I am starting to get back in x stitch for gifts for this Yule. I plan to start with some smaller projects rather than my usual jump in wih something huge and worry about finishing. I was going to a rabbit show in the morning to exhibit, but changed my mind and only going to deliver 5 and pick 2 up. No matter what, it will be a pleasant day for getting away and seeing people. Not much for a first post, but it's all I can think of right now