Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Ho Ho Ho

Things are just about over. Here are 2 pictures of ornaments on the Prissy tree. Scott loves the birdcage and bird and I love the older striped one.

We had to change last night's dinner plan due to unexpected company and had the oyster/mushroom stew for lunch today and it was just perfect and so very filling.

This morning we had pancakes and then went to the barn to feed and I got to play with the babies. One totally adorable one soaked my shirt, not just wet it, but that tiny thing soaked me. Then we came in and opened our presents to each other. I got the last 2 Harry Potter movies I was missing and some fantastic cookies, my favorite Springerles. There was a lot more, things like balls for the bunns and cutting boards they can rest on. All good things. Scott got clothes for work, his favorite cookies (white chocolate macadamias nut), colognes galore and I think he really liked the little photo album I put together for his confirmation. Scott took a nap and I made lunch. Much later was a fast and so easy dinner and then I fell asleep. There are more people to see for Christmas 2009 but I consider it another successful Yule. And I hope yours was too.

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