Monday, December 21, 2009

Solistis Dinner

No pictures from dinner, just a report on too much good food. We worked from the Italian 7 Fish dinner. Before dinner we put out a tray of crackers with smoked oysters, sardines, smoked fish spread, and a super spread of Crab, artichoke and spinach. A wonderful platter of boiled shrimp and cocktail sauce was presented also.

There was an excellent crusty bread, a simple salad of mixed greens with a very simple dressing (this might have been my favorite), Clam sauce with pasta, steamed mussels (wow), a great mix of seafood, tomato, and spinach in a very light cream sauce with pasta and a very good mussel, crab, and clam tomato "stew" that was Scott's favorite, and baked cod. There was just so much food and it was all great as was the company.

Later was coffee with apple pie and a wonderful vanilla ice cream. A nice lighter ending for such a great meal.

I am still stuffed.

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