Sunday, June 19, 2011

Things came to me today

It still hasn't sunk in that Peacer is not asleep behind a chair, but something did sink in and it wasn't pleasant either. Of all the "friends" I have on FB only 5 cared enough to say anything. That along with the couple that read the blog and said something nice came up to less than 10. These other people - some call me family, close friend but couldn't be bothered to even say Sorry. I guess I'm not family or friend enough for as much as I am sorry. I try to say something when people loose someone/thing so close to them that they are in real pain, but couldn't receive it returned to me. PEOPLE! This was my closest companion for a month less than 14 years. This pain is real. Thanks to the ones that understood and cared, rest of you - well I just hope this whole thing never happens to you. First the loss and then the rejection by the people that requested me as a friend.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Peacer K

We just buried Peacer Kitty, my companion of the past 13 years. She came to live with us when she was about 5 days old and her mother had been butchered by a dalmation.

Fastly she decided the only place to sleep was in the crook of my arm and her days were spent at my side. What do you say about a friend like this? Never have I felt so lost before.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I finished the canning for the day at 8:53 PM, yes I am tired. I decided to call my grandmother as she would get excited over all I got done - would be proud and would really let me know it. And after that I would call mom - she would fake being excited about it. I would wonder what she really thought. Then I realized they are both gone; Grand went in the early 80s and mom the late 1990s. What was I thinking? I hadn't ever thought about this, not once, since they died. And I know I haven't cried yet and doubt I ever will unless it's for the loss in general. Mom was the Prince song "When doves cry" beginning to end - maybe I'm just like my mother, she's never satisfied. I don't see me much like her. I praised my kids for everything they accomplished no matter how small it was, I tried to be supportive in all they wanted to do and the fantastic things they have done. Not that easy for a kid of 18 to do when he is handed his 2 kids and told to raise them and I did, alone and with no assistance, nothing. I worked 3 jobs and put myself thru college to make a better life for us and our lives were pretty _ _ _ _ nice. Maybe I was looking for that returned love from them and it was returned 3x's in fold. I miss those days, I miss being young and not knowing what was happening around me. Now, I am getting older daily and it is taking it's tole on me and ya know what? Except for the aches and pains, the inconveniences of health issues it's been a really good road and I am happy having white hair, using a cane a lot! and I love senior discounts. Do it over? This life? Sure, it's worked well for me and if it ends what I will be sorry about is missing so many people and how their lives travel the road.

Want to do something for an old fart? Once in a while tell me about your road and give me a hug or 2, there are never enough hugs.

A Tuesday

I am very grateful for all the garden is giving us, but it seems it's slowing down way too early and should have loads more to come. Today we put up 2 pints green beans, 4 pints of pole beans and not from the garden 29 pints of corn. Have the cobs boiling to have corn stock to can. Also, have enough yellow tomatoes for a batch of jam and a few cukes to make a couple pints of pickles and enough for 3 or 4 pints of water melon pickles later this evening. BUT! I should be getting buckets of beans along with buckets of cukes and tomatoes. Grateful, but I want it all.

Have noodles drying for supper, can't wait. Love those noodles.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

June 2

Today was more of the same, canning and I am loving it. We needed to rebatch the zucchini jam and now it is setting up perfect. Got a few pints of green beans, cuke sweet chunks, and zucchini with tomatoes.

A friend came to pick up a bunny and brought us a case of dried (?) bananas and a big case of canned foods. It is a saver for us. Another friend sent some fertile eggs to hatch and NATURALLY the incubator wouldn't work! Well, they won't go to waste, we were out of eggs to eat.

Now to figure out 100 ways to use all those bananas!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Canning has begun

WELL! Canning season has begun. Yesterday we had a counter covered in mostly zucchini, yellow squash and cukes. We now have a counter with just picked spaghetti squash. We put up 16 pints of zucchini Bread & Butter pickles, grated and froze squash for 6 batches of zucchini bread (a favorite of ours) and got 19 1/2 pints of zucchini jam which will have to be re batched. Someone didn't listen to me as I was making the pickles and doubled the jam recipe which just doesn't set up. Ok, nothing major, but will have to be done. Also, got 5 pints of cuke Bread & Butters and a batch of cucumber salad too.

Scott has never liked pickles like Kosher dills which is why I always do so many B&Bs, but I like them and always out up a few jars just for me. Last night he served some of my Kosher Garlic Dills with supper and he LOVED them. Well, hog tie me and brand me with an W!

As you can tell, the garden is doing great and is starting to feed us which we need until the pay checks are coming in regularly again which will be in a couple weeks. Till then - good thing I stocked up.

His new job is going well and he is enjoying it so far. We are still hoping he will get the Palatka store instead of the St Augustine store because of the gas spent. We will see in a few weeks when training is done. Best part is that he has become the person he used to be and in very involved with the garden, rabbits and all things part of our small scale homesteading life.

Mean while, I have had to do with out meds, including insulin, then redoing the days on what I take on each day to make things last longer. My meds take 3/5s of my SSI check, so it has become difficult to handle. I am experiencing general weakness in arms and legs along with what comes with skipping meds. But that is how life has to be till Sept. when I get Medicare.

Peacer Kitty is somehow hanging on. I just can't handle the idea of letting her go when she isn't in pain, but the poor thing has wasted away to bones covered with skin. She still wants her loving and ice water and is as loving as ever and I fear the day she is gone. I don't know how I will get by sanely without her.

Thursday, May 12, 2011


We are almost done with our unplanned 2 week vacation. Loosing a job sure hit us when it was a bad time, BUT when they get better they really get better. New job starts Monday; better pay & day hours are enough to be jumping in air for. And there will be a bonus, but quarterly rather than monthly.One week day off and SUNDAYS! Can deal with that!

We have gotten so much done in the time off, the place is amazingly changed to lookin good. 2 pascked truck loads to the landfill are gone, new dirt floor in the lean to (future meat rabbit area), cannas weeded and some moved, berries all planted today. Each day there seems like 3 projects get finished. Trouble is each day 5 more projects appear. Garden is doing so well that I know we will be canning a nice amount. In our latest planting the green beans and corn are coming up. Tomatoes are covered with babies, peppers too. Cukes are difficult to see thru all the blossoms. Pickles! Eggplants are blooming along with the black chowder beans. Just blooms or fruits everywhere you look.

Lost a couple bunns, I think it was the heat. Even with fans and ice bottles they seem to have problems. I have 8 baby dwarfs and 6 are sold, 4 satin babies and 3 are sold, 1 meat baby, if it's a doe we will keep it for a brood doe. The good thing is the other 2 dwarf babies and the other satin baby are ones I wanted to keep.

Now for a complaint - IT'S TOO HOT for May, feels like July! Seriously, it's too hot.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Am I the only person who feels a sadness over the death of Ben Laden? No, the man deserved to die and needed to be stopped, but he was sentenced to death before a court trial, shot un armed while shielded by his woundered wife. It seems to me that there was no reason he couldn't have been captured and brought to justice for all the wrongs he has done to the people of the world. How is that any different from us going there to kill not capture him?

As I said he needed to be stopped, but, how was this true closure for anyone that lost someone on 9/11? He was an old man with many health issues. This wasn't a trophy win or some fantastic happening. It was the death of an old man that should have stood in front of his peers and hear what he did and how he would pay for his deeds.

Ok, yes, I am a tree hugging liberal, but I support the death sentance for many types of crimes, including this one. I have never depiested anyone the way I do George W Bush for what he cost us in lives for his little revenge plan and his part in the deaths of so many persons with HIV and so many other things. Laden deserved to die and he did, but where is our honor in the way he died?

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Not much happening of late

It's being a slow week, not much going on which can really be nice. I am planting 4 yellow tomato plants in a few that turned into a trade but we were just giving to the other. I gave 4 Cubana peppers or some name. These are the ones that get real big and can be stuffed.

Rabbit show on Saturday. Wish there wasn't but oh well.

3 hours later, came in covered with ants, couldn't even find the bed. But things got done and kept the hose on me.

Monday, April 25, 2011

April, 2011

WOW! I have skipped posting for a long time. So very much has been happening.

Let me see where to begin - start with the bad. My dear, Peacer K, rapper Kitty to the stars is dying, slow but no pain. She is so thin now with this illness. Hurts me and there are so many tears, but she isn't in pain and I want her with me as long as I can.

Last night an evil racoon got in the chicken coop and killed a beautiful Buff roo. I think we scared him off. Had some wonderful new friends with me and they worked in his enterance and exit areas. I have a hen setting so egg count has really dropped as there aren't many other hens - YET!

Rabbits are doing very well in the producing side as well as at shows. My chocolate Satins have won several Best of Breed awards. Very excellent.

The GARDEN! WOW! It is really going well this year thanks to the help of friends who weeded, brought me plants, and did so much more just because I needed help and couldn't do it myself. If the rain co operates I will be getting more tilled tomorrow and some more things planted. Wonderful. Some times it's also just so nice to have people to just talk to about things. Speaking of tomorrow, Scott is getting his arm tattoo finished, I am getting a portrait of Peacer done and 2 rabbits are getting their ear tattoos fixed - - thanks to the wonderful work of the multi talented Evy. And she makes house calls!

Still talking about gardening. My 3' high raised beds are doing very well. The longest one is packed with tomatoes of several types and colors, then a bed of peppers, eggplant and Brussel Sprouts, 3 rd bed was green beans and the seed wasn't great so replacing it with Cubano peppers and next week cukes. The 4th and final of these beds is packed with cukes and I think they are what I am most eager to taste. In front of this bed on a bench are blackberry and raspberry plants that aren't ready to plant.

In the main garden behind the chicken coop nestled between ares of trees and hidden things are really going wild. Corn is pretty tall (putting in more tomorrow), Black Chowders are doing great, different squash are looking nice and growing more everyday. I added 18 more tomato plants there so I now have a total of 48 plants. Should be enough to can too. I started a compost pile near it, but with the chickens there just isn't much to add to it, so need to rack some leaves and like that. Right now it is pure poo.

Been making more and more of the citrus type soaps. The lemon and the orange have become top sellers. I have enough clear (shine to many) that I will be starting several extracts next week when I will have the peels, pods and all to start them. Sourdough starter is in the making for then too. For some reason I kept putting it off and now is the time to start several different ones.

Started making water kefir again. I like it and it is good for you. Makes a great summer drink. There are several other projects I plan to start then too. Reason I think, that I put things off is that I just knew this would be a busy week and there is a Bunn show on Saturday and I am going. Hope the Satins keep doing well.

This is enough to try and understand after such a long time absence. Will admit that I did miss the blog JUST A VERY SMALL LITTLE BIT.