Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Am I the only person who feels a sadness over the death of Ben Laden? No, the man deserved to die and needed to be stopped, but he was sentenced to death before a court trial, shot un armed while shielded by his woundered wife. It seems to me that there was no reason he couldn't have been captured and brought to justice for all the wrongs he has done to the people of the world. How is that any different from us going there to kill not capture him?

As I said he needed to be stopped, but, how was this true closure for anyone that lost someone on 9/11? He was an old man with many health issues. This wasn't a trophy win or some fantastic happening. It was the death of an old man that should have stood in front of his peers and hear what he did and how he would pay for his deeds.

Ok, yes, I am a tree hugging liberal, but I support the death sentance for many types of crimes, including this one. I have never depiested anyone the way I do George W Bush for what he cost us in lives for his little revenge plan and his part in the deaths of so many persons with HIV and so many other things. Laden deserved to die and he did, but where is our honor in the way he died?

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