Thursday, April 30, 2009

2 week ends

Last week end was interesting. I had 2 very nice teen agers and one almost a teen out looking at rabbits. They were fun and interesting. I enjoyed the visit very much as I remember how the adult world treated me as a 9 yr old getting into rabbits and yes it was in the 1900s. I remember the first man I bought from; he seemed so very old, but his kids were just a little older than me BUT he was so nice and helpful. First he sold me a buck and a doe. I showed the buck for many years and won. This was in the days of showing against all ages, no youth shows. He got my picture into the Sunday Milwaukee Journal. Didn't hurt that I was adorable in a nerdy way with my big framed glasses. They got positive feedback on the picture which made me proud. I still have that clipping framed and in the guest room. Back to those adults I bought from - he decided I needed 2 more young does but I was almost out of cash. He thought it over, went in the house to "talk with the wife" came back and asked how much I still had. I had $11 left AND WHAT DO THINK THE PRICE WAS? Wrong - it was $10, so I left with a dollar still in my pocket.

My next purchase was very different. He ignored me and only spoke to my father. He asked father which he wanted me to have. I said none of them. He said - Aww, am I asking more than you have? What a mistake - I said nope, I just don't want to buy from you and walked to the car. Yepp, a 9 year old smart mouth who even then refused to be ignored. He mush have needed the sale cause he chased my father with offers. Father, surprised me by saying that he was the wrong one to be chasing, it was my money. The next day I went right back to the first rabbitry and spent my money there.

Now I try to treat each child the way I was and make it a experience they will fondly remember.
And I feel I'm doing it right.

This coming week endwill be spent working with adults. I know them all and can honestly say I enjoy each of them for the "unusual" person they are. Yepp, wierd attracts wierd. There will be one youth here and she's very cool and I enjoy her. Plus she is weeding flower beds for me - cheaply too.

a Thursday

Here is a link for a short movie created by a 15 year old girl. No matter what our personal feelings are ( and if you know me you know mine as I am not shy and will say how I feel) we need to be proud of these strong people and what they are giving up.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Just for me

I'm guessing that this is really just for me. Something has been bothering me for several years if not most of my life - depression. My highs are very low and my lows, well they can't get much lower. Of late it's been low after low after low and they take hole and don't easily change. It's been a deep feeling that I am all alone in this world and that it's getting more lonely every day. Not good. There are the few nice days that someone calls or visits but for the most part I am alone as Scott works from Noon till 11 for the most part. Yepp, I am one of "those" and Scott and I have been together for over 25 years. If you don't approve I have a fist you can sit on and rotate, I'm old now and don't need approval. Yes, meds have been used ending in a drugged out state or wondering where the gun is hid. So it's try to keep busy and not wonder what I did wrong.

This week I started making clay beads for a rosary gift for Yule. If I do say so they are looking nice. Started with a roll of black, twining a tiny strip of gold all around it and even small amount of white. When rolled and shaped they are looking like marble with tiny veins and I really like how it is looking, enough to take pictures later on. Also been cutting out material for X Stitch projects I want to start, need to start to have done by Yule. Most of them are easier type patterns that bring something to mind for me of the person it is being created for.

Tomorrow will be work in the garden day. Plan to transplant some plants from other beds and put them in the beds around the arbor (one of my favorite spots, right near the pond). Yesterday was another day off and we got all the rabbits wormed, worked on some cages that were in bad shape. Also went to our local Corky Bell's Seafood for lunch. It was a touch over average, but is right on the St Johns River so the view was wonderful and restful and their Ice tea is fantastic, doesn't need sweetening at all, just lemon.

I made supper last night, a form of glop. Browned some sausages cut up with sliced onions, added peas and mushrooms, cream of mushroom soup and thyme and paprika, touch of salt, plenty of pepper and all over homemade egg noodles. It was so good. We got a mini fruitcake out of the freezer for dessert. Tonight is Lean Cruises.

Ok, depressed, time to do a project. Don't Cry For Me Argentina.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Twas a nice day

Yesterday, Saturday, I went and delivered 5 rabbits I sold and pick up 2 I bought - ended up 4 I bought, but they are so nice and the price was right. I met a good number of new people and got to know some better. I met my first fellow Survival freak and we got to talk about things. I met his wife late one night when she and a friend of mine came looking for rabbits. And I do mean late, but it was a nice meeting and she always makes me smile if not laugh. I also met one of their 4 children, teen Jagger and he was very pleasant so it was good. I met a lady doing ribbon work (there is a lot of down time at a show) and she was having a good amount of difficulty getting it to do it's thing for her. I got out Froggy and he popped his magic twanger (see how many people remember him) and I figured it out. I kinda liked it and will remember that for future enjoyment. I left home 3AM and got home at 8PM and I am totally wiped out and my body is ruined. Slept well last night for a long night.

Today is a nothing needs to be done the rest of the day, so put the leg up and find a project, or read, or do nothing. All sound wonderful. Oh, I forgot - someone is coming to look at a rabbit later, much later.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Not much

I'm mainly posting to get some photos in so you can see some things I do and where and how I live


Post number #1. I have fought doing a blog for a long time, but caved when 5 people gang jumped me to do it, so here it is.

Right now I am going thru a good number of health issues and feeling rather alone and extremely depressed. Not a good place to be. This will pass. In the meantime, I am starting to get back in x stitch for gifts for this Yule. I plan to start with some smaller projects rather than my usual jump in wih something huge and worry about finishing. I was going to a rabbit show in the morning to exhibit, but changed my mind and only going to deliver 5 and pick 2 up. No matter what, it will be a pleasant day for getting away and seeing people. Not much for a first post, but it's all I can think of right now