Sunday, April 5, 2009

Twas a nice day

Yesterday, Saturday, I went and delivered 5 rabbits I sold and pick up 2 I bought - ended up 4 I bought, but they are so nice and the price was right. I met a good number of new people and got to know some better. I met my first fellow Survival freak and we got to talk about things. I met his wife late one night when she and a friend of mine came looking for rabbits. And I do mean late, but it was a nice meeting and she always makes me smile if not laugh. I also met one of their 4 children, teen Jagger and he was very pleasant so it was good. I met a lady doing ribbon work (there is a lot of down time at a show) and she was having a good amount of difficulty getting it to do it's thing for her. I got out Froggy and he popped his magic twanger (see how many people remember him) and I figured it out. I kinda liked it and will remember that for future enjoyment. I left home 3AM and got home at 8PM and I am totally wiped out and my body is ruined. Slept well last night for a long night.

Today is a nothing needs to be done the rest of the day, so put the leg up and find a project, or read, or do nothing. All sound wonderful. Oh, I forgot - someone is coming to look at a rabbit later, much later.

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