Sunday, October 25, 2009

Oct 24th was - -

a combo of all things. I was at a rabbit show. The judging seems pretty bad since the judge seemed to hate mine and mine have been doing very well all year. I had a pretty rough morning, people were shoving brownies down my throat, pouring Dr Pepper too and I just wasn't coming around. Yes, I finally did or I wouldn't be here now, would I? It was rough.

I took 8 rabbits to sell and came back with only one and 2 cute, small, orange does I bought so I did come out ok that way and now I have some empties in the barn - at last.

Several people I like and enjoy were there and that always makes it fun. It was a very small show and show A started late(after 8) and was done just after 10. They then held a very LONG lunch time and show B was over at 2. Very short day, loads of visiting time.

Troule is that after a show I am totally pooped for a couple days and today I am dragging, strugle to stay awake, but actually no aches and pains for a change.

Not exciting, but wanted the memory put down.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Who is the birthday boy?

Yes, today is Scott's birthday and he has gotten loads of good wishes and the cat called him daddy instead of father. He wanted a cake and I have it made now - apricot upside down cake. On his next day off I will get him a Madonna for somewhere in the yard to go with Fiacre and Buddha. BUT I am getting the real present, good bunny buddy Amy is redoing my site to a fall theme and I am so happy.


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

warmer again and it is getting closer

Yepp, it's getting warmer again, but not that terrible heat we had before. This is still fine.

Just wannted to show you this pic Scott took a couple days ago. One sleepy baby.

Yule is getting closer and I am still not in a creative mood, festive yes, but not enough to get busy. Most people know I start the next Yule in Dec 26th and I did, just feeling slummy right now if that is even a word. Now yesterday I was going thru all my cookie sites and found a new one -

Christmas cookie recipes from countries around the world and I got a lot of I wanna bake these.

My plan right now is to take a bigger box and fill it with breads, jams, cookies and the like. And as always some soaps and like that. I think that could be a special box. My main problem is things for Scott - I make clothes for him and he raves about them and I never see them again. I am making beads for a rosary for him and x stitching a cross on a cover on a small photo album with pictures from his confirmation (?). I'm doing that with rabbits too for the rabbit people in my life. Then there are just a couple other little things to make and a total of 4 things to buy. AND, the best part of it all - I have everything (for the most part) that is needed for the baking. Might not have enough for the fruit cakes, but all the rest is good. Yes I make fruit cakes, most of them stay in our freezer and we can have one a month (They are the minis). I do consider this part fun as I can get Scott involved in it, making bread he likes.

Well, that is life in the swamp, till next time

Sunday, October 18, 2009

2 days in a row - WOW

Here I am, a 2nd day in a row. This morning was a cold wake up and I loved it! This coming Wednesday is Scott's birthday, but as always they give him a different day off so we are celebrating tomorrow evening, Monday. I THINK we are going to Carraba's as we both enjoy it and a visit to Barnes and Noble after for coffee. Naturally, this has to be in another town as we are lacking many of the good things here. I am guessing the following week we will have friends here for his "special" home made dinner. It will be chicken in a green peppercorn sauce, a wild rice blend, carrots and broccoli (his favorite), mushroom salad, fennel orange salad, a heavy crusted bread and a small NY style cheese cake. Sounds better to me than going out.

This such a lazy do little day, very pleasant, I will miss it when it is over and heat returns on Wednesday. In the mean time, nice day to do nuthing.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Long time since I posted anything

But a lot has happened and there is finally things to say. Scott and I went out to eat middle of last month, right after my birthday as I was ordering he said he needed to go to the hospital. We were in the truck so lucky him got to drive there. Got there and told the nurse he is having chest pains which in a normal town means get the person back there NOW! Not our hospital, 15 mins later I told the nurse that if he falls over dead or gets worse I would be including her in the lawsuit. She got the idea.This was at 7PM and at 2 AM they were getting ready to move him to a regular room, so I went home. Next morning I call and they tell me he's in ICU and the nurse there knows nothing. Ok I did fall a part right there and don't remember much of what happened but I got a ride from friends to the hospital. Still falling a part I got to his room and there he is sitting up EATING! This was the only ropen room they had. Ok, I got it together fast and ate his jello (It was green). He wasw there for the next 4 days and I learned a lot about people during those days.

Learned I have friends; the ones that dropped everything to get me there, and the people who drove a ways to come and help me feed the rabbits and all. Thank you all, for the help.

A week later a friend who has a Yahoo Group on living a more simple life hosted a Gathering for group members at our home. We had a nice turn out of Florida people and it was a fun day. There was a HUGE pot luck lunch - so much wonderful food. And then there were demos on differt things, I did soap making, another did laundry soap, another spinning, and a demo on making No Knead Bread (which we had with the lunch too). Mark, the hostess's hubby did so much to get ready; he mowed and weed wacked, did all the little things and then he man'ed and did a lemon marinate chicken, smoked sausages and eggplant with moz cheese. Mark and Elaine came early and stayed thru and made sure everything was back in order AND he fixed the electric in the bunny barn so we have lights again!

Since then we have torn a part the bunny barn, made new cages and got it back together, put in the fall/winter garden which is very small this time and set up so I can care for it myself.

And I learned what real friends are and that they are beyond value. I learned that I am truly in love and it's like nothing I have ever felt before and is both scary and fantastic. Better than winning the lottery which I want to do too.

So now it's getting close to Yule and I am behind with gift making. Lucky for me there aren't a whole lot to make and they are small. I should be done with extra time

On a weird note, I want to carve a pumpkin this year. I haven't since the kids were young and that was some time ago. Yet this year I want to made an old time one, none of this fancy stuff they are doing now a days. I want a nice happy face. Old age making me young again?

Almost forgot, all the needlepoint kids found new homes and I hope they are enjoying them.

Thanks to; Kathryn & Curtis, Lee, Chris and Brian for getting me thru the last month.

Thanks to Elaine and Mark for saving me with making sure things looked nice at the Gathering.

Thanks to Scott for filling my life with happiness, his love, all his support, putting up with all my BS. I love you just isn't enough, but I do love you.