Sunday, October 18, 2009

2 days in a row - WOW

Here I am, a 2nd day in a row. This morning was a cold wake up and I loved it! This coming Wednesday is Scott's birthday, but as always they give him a different day off so we are celebrating tomorrow evening, Monday. I THINK we are going to Carraba's as we both enjoy it and a visit to Barnes and Noble after for coffee. Naturally, this has to be in another town as we are lacking many of the good things here. I am guessing the following week we will have friends here for his "special" home made dinner. It will be chicken in a green peppercorn sauce, a wild rice blend, carrots and broccoli (his favorite), mushroom salad, fennel orange salad, a heavy crusted bread and a small NY style cheese cake. Sounds better to me than going out.

This such a lazy do little day, very pleasant, I will miss it when it is over and heat returns on Wednesday. In the mean time, nice day to do nuthing.

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