Sunday, October 25, 2009

Oct 24th was - -

a combo of all things. I was at a rabbit show. The judging seems pretty bad since the judge seemed to hate mine and mine have been doing very well all year. I had a pretty rough morning, people were shoving brownies down my throat, pouring Dr Pepper too and I just wasn't coming around. Yes, I finally did or I wouldn't be here now, would I? It was rough.

I took 8 rabbits to sell and came back with only one and 2 cute, small, orange does I bought so I did come out ok that way and now I have some empties in the barn - at last.

Several people I like and enjoy were there and that always makes it fun. It was a very small show and show A started late(after 8) and was done just after 10. They then held a very LONG lunch time and show B was over at 2. Very short day, loads of visiting time.

Troule is that after a show I am totally pooped for a couple days and today I am dragging, strugle to stay awake, but actually no aches and pains for a change.

Not exciting, but wanted the memory put down.

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