Tuesday, October 20, 2009

warmer again and it is getting closer

Yepp, it's getting warmer again, but not that terrible heat we had before. This is still fine.

Just wannted to show you this pic Scott took a couple days ago. One sleepy baby.

Yule is getting closer and I am still not in a creative mood, festive yes, but not enough to get busy. Most people know I start the next Yule in Dec 26th and I did, just feeling slummy right now if that is even a word. Now yesterday I was going thru all my cookie sites and found a new one -

Christmas cookie recipes from countries around the world and I got a lot of I wanna bake these.

My plan right now is to take a bigger box and fill it with breads, jams, cookies and the like. And as always some soaps and like that. I think that could be a special box. My main problem is things for Scott - I make clothes for him and he raves about them and I never see them again. I am making beads for a rosary for him and x stitching a cross on a cover on a small photo album with pictures from his confirmation (?). I'm doing that with rabbits too for the rabbit people in my life. Then there are just a couple other little things to make and a total of 4 things to buy. AND, the best part of it all - I have everything (for the most part) that is needed for the baking. Might not have enough for the fruit cakes, but all the rest is good. Yes I make fruit cakes, most of them stay in our freezer and we can have one a month (They are the minis). I do consider this part fun as I can get Scott involved in it, making bread he likes.

Well, that is life in the swamp, till next time

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