Thursday, May 12, 2011


We are almost done with our unplanned 2 week vacation. Loosing a job sure hit us when it was a bad time, BUT when they get better they really get better. New job starts Monday; better pay & day hours are enough to be jumping in air for. And there will be a bonus, but quarterly rather than monthly.One week day off and SUNDAYS! Can deal with that!

We have gotten so much done in the time off, the place is amazingly changed to lookin good. 2 pascked truck loads to the landfill are gone, new dirt floor in the lean to (future meat rabbit area), cannas weeded and some moved, berries all planted today. Each day there seems like 3 projects get finished. Trouble is each day 5 more projects appear. Garden is doing so well that I know we will be canning a nice amount. In our latest planting the green beans and corn are coming up. Tomatoes are covered with babies, peppers too. Cukes are difficult to see thru all the blossoms. Pickles! Eggplants are blooming along with the black chowder beans. Just blooms or fruits everywhere you look.

Lost a couple bunns, I think it was the heat. Even with fans and ice bottles they seem to have problems. I have 8 baby dwarfs and 6 are sold, 4 satin babies and 3 are sold, 1 meat baby, if it's a doe we will keep it for a brood doe. The good thing is the other 2 dwarf babies and the other satin baby are ones I wanted to keep.

Now for a complaint - IT'S TOO HOT for May, feels like July! Seriously, it's too hot.

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