Monday, May 30, 2011

Canning has begun

WELL! Canning season has begun. Yesterday we had a counter covered in mostly zucchini, yellow squash and cukes. We now have a counter with just picked spaghetti squash. We put up 16 pints of zucchini Bread & Butter pickles, grated and froze squash for 6 batches of zucchini bread (a favorite of ours) and got 19 1/2 pints of zucchini jam which will have to be re batched. Someone didn't listen to me as I was making the pickles and doubled the jam recipe which just doesn't set up. Ok, nothing major, but will have to be done. Also, got 5 pints of cuke Bread & Butters and a batch of cucumber salad too.

Scott has never liked pickles like Kosher dills which is why I always do so many B&Bs, but I like them and always out up a few jars just for me. Last night he served some of my Kosher Garlic Dills with supper and he LOVED them. Well, hog tie me and brand me with an W!

As you can tell, the garden is doing great and is starting to feed us which we need until the pay checks are coming in regularly again which will be in a couple weeks. Till then - good thing I stocked up.

His new job is going well and he is enjoying it so far. We are still hoping he will get the Palatka store instead of the St Augustine store because of the gas spent. We will see in a few weeks when training is done. Best part is that he has become the person he used to be and in very involved with the garden, rabbits and all things part of our small scale homesteading life.

Mean while, I have had to do with out meds, including insulin, then redoing the days on what I take on each day to make things last longer. My meds take 3/5s of my SSI check, so it has become difficult to handle. I am experiencing general weakness in arms and legs along with what comes with skipping meds. But that is how life has to be till Sept. when I get Medicare.

Peacer Kitty is somehow hanging on. I just can't handle the idea of letting her go when she isn't in pain, but the poor thing has wasted away to bones covered with skin. She still wants her loving and ice water and is as loving as ever and I fear the day she is gone. I don't know how I will get by sanely without her.

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