Sunday, June 19, 2011

Things came to me today

It still hasn't sunk in that Peacer is not asleep behind a chair, but something did sink in and it wasn't pleasant either. Of all the "friends" I have on FB only 5 cared enough to say anything. That along with the couple that read the blog and said something nice came up to less than 10. These other people - some call me family, close friend but couldn't be bothered to even say Sorry. I guess I'm not family or friend enough for as much as I am sorry. I try to say something when people loose someone/thing so close to them that they are in real pain, but couldn't receive it returned to me. PEOPLE! This was my closest companion for a month less than 14 years. This pain is real. Thanks to the ones that understood and cared, rest of you - well I just hope this whole thing never happens to you. First the loss and then the rejection by the people that requested me as a friend.

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