Monday, December 21, 2009

Happy Solistis

It's truly the season now, but does it have to be this cold? I am shivering

This is the guest bathroom and it is really toned down this year. Last year it was heavy in purple and blue ornaments with a fiber optic tree and since you asked, yes there is a story about it and SURE! I will gladly share it with you. Scott's mother, Marlene, used to live with us and finally she needed nursing home care. Her first Christmas there we got her an almost cute fiber optic tree of many colors and changing all the time. She kept it plugged in all the time and seemed to really enjoy it. When she passed we kept it and had it in the guest bath and it really worked. Last year it bit the dust. We weren't going to replace it until we saw this silver thing. Scott LOVED IT! And I had some small ornaments left from my Martha Stewart feather tree. I actually approve of it. The Santa was a gift, not the kind I would have picked, but I really like him.

Aww, the Rudolph ornament, Another story but a nice one. One of the few times Marlene and I got to talk with out her letting me know I was nothing to her we talked childhood ornament stories and she really remembered this one. I, ME, bought it on EBAY and got it for her. She never admitted it to me, BUT it turned out it really meant something to her (see? I am not really all that terrible).When she went to the Home we brought her deer with her. It now hangs on out Prissy tree and I love it.

Side notes - in the top picture is the bottom part of a goose painting my mother did and a gold mirror from the Smallest Little Whore House in Texas (REALLY!) and where I was conceived. No, mom didn't work there, my parents were married - to each other - and just a dumb little story I always told because it upset mom. It was a rental house that they had when based in Texas and the former renters left it. He was pimpin' the Mrs and after they moved there were many knocks on the door all night looking for the former renters. See? Totally innocent, like me.

That's it for today, maybe something after dinner.

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