Tuesday, December 22, 2009

3 more days

Wow, just 3 more days until Christmas morning. I am really looking forward to it. I hope your's is wonderful and full of great moments.

First this morning is our mantel. I really enjoy it as it gives me somewhere to hang sockings from. From the left is; Scott's with Buddy on it. Buddy was an orange Netherland Dwarf rabbit we used to have. He was the friendliest bunn ever. Then is mine with a white hen on it, no one I ever met. Peacer Kittie's you can't see - it's a massive purple velvet with white fur cuff and best be full. She loves the scent of moth balls. No joke, we had them in with all the ornaments, etc and she went wild with some that became her toys. Sadly the scent is gone and she doesn't like them anymore. Scott's and mine were made by Wonderful Fabric Artist in Canada (Hi Marilyn!)

Here is a closer view of mine, it shows how much work it took. LOVE IT

Ok, you knew there would be a story somewhere, didn't you? Here is is. WE made the topiaries ourselves and Scott swears he is not crafty at all. He fibs.

Here is the other side of the mantel.

This is Scott's tree and it is totally a Yule tree. Very natural ornaments with little birds and bird houses, fruit, and the like including an outhouse he stole from me. It really is a very nice tree. It started as all fruit and vegetables after I showed him a picture of a tree of Jeff Smith's with all fruit and vegetables and he was impressed. After a couple years he started adding the birds and things to go with it. I think he does an excellent job with it each year.

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