Saturday, December 19, 2009

Let's try to finish the first room

This is a garland, lights and a few ornaments. The shelf holds old books, even older bottles.

Here is something I hold special and dear. It is a paper cutting of Santa and his reindeer. HAND CUT! I also, have the complete Nut Cracker hand cut also. Special person.

The Santa is handmade by an arist in Minnisota. It has the most pleasant face. The sliegh is my age and I am not sure if it was painted by Aunt from Norway or one of my grandmothers. And the quilt is by a wonderful friend in Canada who is an arist in fabric.

how do I delete a double picture?

an example of what is on the tree

When I was young I was an alter boy, yes me! We were called Chuch Mice. One of the church ladies made these for all of us. Love this one and ho;ds a valued place in my heart

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  1. It all looks SO festive, and you have so many things that are meaningful to you! That is what it is truly all about. Surrounding yourself with things that not only you love, but were made with love, with you in their hearts and minds.