Sunday, December 20, 2009

Just the little things

Today it is just some of the smaller parts of the season. First is a wicker sleigh filled with little gifts and delivered by a clown, fairy, elf and an angel That my grandmother gave me for Yule when I was 5 or 6. This year I added a snowman and a Santa to make deliveries easier on them.

I have 12 Nativity scenes, but this is the the one I hand chalked and I think it turned out fantastic, the colors are softer and so crisp. Other ones i have include both sets of grandparents and the one I was given when I was 12 and asked for one for Christmas.

Here is my very small tree collection. On the R is a cloth one made for me by a very creative friend. On the left is one I chalked of all child angels with musical instruments

Last year for Yule (or the year before) I received this tray, hand stained and very nicely lined and candle holders made by her husband. Neat, aren't they? I added the filler and isn't it simple, country rustic and attractive?

Yepp, there is a story to this Santa too. Tired of them yet? Several years ago (10 or more) Scott and i went to Michael's and he saw and fell in love with this Santa, so did I, but he passed on it because they wanted $80 for it. I went back the next day because I had a 25% off coupon and found out it was marked down 50% already AND I got him for less than $20. Outstanding! Scott isn't tired of him yet.

Here's a picture you might never see again - ME! I don't mind this one at all so, Here I am World! Hmm I look light haired and that I am not, no hair loss at all.

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  1. Wow! Even more!! That wicker sleigh would look perfect on my front porch! Good thing you live so far away. .it might come up missing!

    And your nativity is so beautiful! You did a fantastic job on it! Youve told me about it before, but a photo is worth a thousand words! Outstanding!!

    Your tray and candles are such a nice touch! And your trees and Santas are adorable, especially the one in the very last photo! Oh wait! That is you! Still adorable though! :-)