Sunday, July 12, 2009

July and it's hot

It's almost the middle of July and I am so far behind on Yule for this year. A small bit worried, but I am simlifying things even more so I should be alright. I have been doing something but it's the heat that stops me for the most part and I'm sticking with that. Honestly, without central air it is very warm in most of the house. The bedroom is cold, but that's where I sleep, not work.

We had our last bunny litter of the season and it is a nice one. Won't breed anymore until August.It is just too hot for them to even show interest in each other.

Canning, soap, etc has now taken a step back and will start again full steam ahead soon when it cools off just a little and I have another store in the freezer of left over things. My big collection I'm working on is; fish, fried shrimp, scallops and squid. The last 3 I am getting battered and fried, so I am removing the batter and freezing it until I have enough to can up a big batch of Seafood ________. Right now I don't have enough even put together, to make one decent day of canning so I will wait til I have enough for 2 days, maybe 3.

My BFF's oldest son got accepted into the army and leaves in Nov. Now, this liberal tree hugger isn't pro army, but I feel this is wonderful and gives him a change at a future which so many of our youth can't get today.

Ok, heath issues. I have another hole in my ankle, not big, but ankle is swelling so it will be back to get meds again. Back is still/always an issue but DANG, arthritis is starting in R shoulder, elbow, wrist and fingers and it is far from comfortable.

Mood has been pretty good, far more happiness happening than the other and that IS a very GOOD THING. So good that I'm going to take a nap in the cold bedroom. later

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