Thursday, July 23, 2009

I was cleaning out the crafts closet and found some fantastic kits that I will never do. They are older and many are out of print. Here are some pics and a little info on them

The top is a row of shells, no count x stitch, 18x6 finished. was $14 and want $15, includes shipping
Next to it is a light switch plate cover with dream catchers and feathers, includes beads, nice soft colors. $10 includes shipping
Next is a beautiful piece of horses and a rooster. Counted x stitch, 16 x 16. Price was $17.99. Want $18 including shipping
Then it is 2 Disney kits, first is called Family Dinner. I paid $20 each and would like $15 each or both for $25. 2nd is called Self Portrait. Both are 16 x 20
Next is called Native American Still Life, 14 x 18 needlepoint, earthy colors and very nice. $15 opened but never out of the package.
Last is a sharp piece called Indian Finery, 12 x 16, I THINK it's mixed styles. The colors are beautiful. Was $17.99 Want $18 including shipping.

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