Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday, November 13th

True is this picture has nothing to do with this blog. Just seems it looks nicer with a picture.
Yesterday Scott had a colon router reuter done and he passed with the highest honers. EXCELLENT. That issue and my not feeling not so great has kept me from doing very much on Yule, BUT I got a magnifier to help me do some projects and I am counting on it being enough help. I have so many things left to make, most of them are smaller projects and will go fast. Then there is all the soap I still need to make. I have been bad. Not going to worry about the baking for a few weeks.
I am finding that I really miss the winters in the North a lot. I would love to rent a cabin in Gatlenburg with a fireplace and even for 2 days this
would be a wonderful little winter get away. I miss those cold crisp mornings when I would put on a snowmobile suit and tennis shoes and go do the barn chores, feed up and milk the herd. I left a small brandy every extra cold morning by the Franklin stove near the back door and would enjoy that nip of warmth and then it was on to other things. With work and going back to school my days were busy. You could see all the tiny tracks in the new snow and could follow them to their little borrow. I know the ice would be a problem for me now, but just that get away would be so nice.
If I can't be there, then this is the other place. This swamp is home and I am content here. We are getting our Yankee birds stopping in at the pond for a couple days, always a welcome sight. Our Loots are here for the winter and out bi weekly white egret visitor is here. Love the bird visitors. I think they call our Loots Loons in the North, but they are Loots here and totally cute as they smile with our geese and ducks.
There really wasn't much to say today, but wanted people to know Scott came out fine. As I knew he would.

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