Sunday, November 8, 2009

Nope, no idea what I am going to say

I am in such a happy place today. just feel so great. If you are reading this you are hearing some songs that mean something to me starting with Viva la Vita by Coldplay. It is so how I feel about life right now. When I was young I ruled the world, well at least MY world. I had no one I needed to answer to, just myself and honestly I was doing great and I was on top. When you get older it seems at times the world rules you and a stronger sense of it as you get older. But I tell ya, I'm still on top. I just don't think I could be much happier right now. I'm looking back at my life thru songs and damn but I did ok.I was very well known in the horse world in the 70s and in rabbits now. I have some great kids I raised alone. They are strong independent and honest - the way they were raised. I pretty much raised myself and I am stubborn, very stubborn. But could be a lot worse. I am loyal, but have a limit. I have always avoided have loads of friends but prefer a few GOOD friends and I have them. I have someone in my life who some days is so perfect and other days close to being a cement bundle at the bottom of the pond. I do get lonely as I am home a lone too much, but Some days I can see to drive and I should take advantage of those days and GO! Just need to get back before dark. I still have plans and dreams and I can see them happening. Isn't dreaming what it's about? Alice said; 'ever drifting down the stream, what is life but a dream.' Love that saying. The entire verse is on my wall where I pass it several times a day (ok, it's in the bathroom and I am in there A LOT!

Here's a fun time link you MIGHT enjoy YouTube - "Take Me or Leave Me" U of M Musical Theatre#t=149. Hope it shows up on the back ground. The "stars" are all on Broadway now; Jake and Andrew are getting some nice parts and are going no where but up while Courtney is already getting the top parts and has been on tv all over.

Now, we need to talk about Suzie! She set up my blog after nagging me for months on having one. I love the set of it. Told me how to set up Playlist with the songs, tried to tell me how to install it, but ended up doing it her self Cat In The Moon - give it a look.

Today is going to be a quiet day, don't think anyone is coming here so I will get some rest, reminisce, sing a little, dance a little and enjoy a wonderful cool day. Sounds fine to me.

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